FireFox -remembering user name/password

  jack 14:09 19 May 08

When signing up for a forum- and the user name and password are agreed.
FireFox will ask - 'Do you Want FireFox to remember this?
Question- Where is information stored?

  johndrew 14:18 19 May 08

You will find it in:

C:\Documents and Settings\YOU\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

but it is in an encrypted form which you can delete (if you are brave) but will have difficulty making a huge amount of sense of.

Should add it is a hidden file.

  jack 14:48 19 May 08

See what you mean.
A whole string of them for various forums and each I/D'ed
The one I have been having trouble with is that it refuses to accept the log in and when I try to create a new one- It tells ne - Nah! cant have that someone else has it - of course - they are -its me dummy- and so we go around
Oh well!


  Stuartli 15:18 19 May 08

If you go to Firefox's Tools>Options>Security tab, you can see the list of user names and, if you choose, the passwords as well, in the Password Manager.

You can Remove as required or list sites that are Exceptions to the Saving of user names and passwords.

  jack 17:12 19 May 08

There they all were and some I did not know I had to boot.

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