Firefox problems with hotmail

  Major Disaster 13:35 12 Jun 05

I long ago abandoned IE becuase of its million and one security issues and the lacking of tabbed broswing for mozilla fireofx and never looked back. One little annoying problem though, when i try to send a new message in hotmail intead of getting the rich tect editing bar i get "
html> DIV> FONT face="Lucida Handwriting, Cursive" color=#3300ff> /FONT>  /DIV>
DIV> FONT face="Lucida Handwriting"> /FONT>  /DIV>
DIV align=left> FONT face="Lucida Handwriting">                                  IMG height=19 src="click here" width=19>  FONT face="Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif" color=#0000ff size=5> EM>Ryan /EM> /FONT>  IMG height=19 src="click here" width=19> /FONT> /DIV> /html>"
Is there somesort of plugin that i need to install, or what, for this to work, becuase it works fine in IE? Any help is much appreciated

  Major Disaster 13:58 12 Jun 05

Has anyone else had this problem? Oh and by the way i lost the option to turn the rich text editor on and off that i have got in IE.

  Major Disaster 14:59 12 Jun 05

any ideas....?

  Stuartli 18:18 12 Jun 05
  Major Disaster 17:25 15 Jun 05

Nope sorry, my problem is completely different. Its just when i try to create a new email message from Hotmail in Firefox i get a random load of javascript instead of a box to edit my text. I just want to know of a plugin/patch i can download to solve this!

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