Firefox problem causing Avast pop-up warning

  Gordon Freeman 07:52 20 May 15

I normally use FF, & this morning when I opened it and went to homepage (BBC), Avast popped up a message saying it has blocked a certain url to do with edigital survey (I'll not post the specific url here). Have tried it a couple of times and it's continuing to pop up, so have switched to IE11 (no problems there, so it is specific to FF) until I can find out how to fix FF.

Anyone else had this and know how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

  Pabaz 08:35 20 May 15

I'm getting this too. Anyone know how to fix it?????

  Gordon Freeman 08:47 20 May 15

govanx: no, no Avast add-ins enabled on either FF or IE. Avast is my resident running AV. I've done a MBAM & Avast scan, but nothing detected. The Avast pop-up only appears when I click to open FF. Odd.

  Daisy_Michael 08:58 20 May 15

Try installing Super Anti-Spyware & scan your system from it (free version is enough) - See if it could bring something out of your computer (it normally does).

  MartinHarris 09:10 20 May 15

I have exactly the same problem today, with Avast flagging up malware from on most BBC news webpage sites, e.g. click here occurs with Firefox 38, Chrome 42 and IE11.


  lucid_tentacles 10:55 20 May 15

i got this from another forumThey are just adverts ... It's discouraging that avast has chosen to adopt the same tactics as it's targets ... the installer includes the "odd" PUP too.

That said - it's easy enough to take the custom install in order to only take the file scanning option. If you've already got these additions ... you can disable them in settings.

It's still possible to just scan incoming files for viruses and get on without the rest.

Keep smiling

  bumpkin 11:35 20 May 15

FF, Avast and BBC, was giving me the same thing earlier but seems OK now.

  bumpkin 11:36 20 May 15

FF, Avast and BBC, was giving me the same thing earlier but seems OK now.

  Pabaz 11:55 20 May 15

It's stopped for me now too.

  Gordon Freeman 11:56 20 May 15

Yep, all clear at this end now.

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