Firefox problem?

  northerngirl 11:31 10 Mar 10

Hi Guys
I hope you can help with a small but very annoying problem I am experiencing.
I keep getting a message saying that Firefox is still running and to end it, and the almighty noise it makes, I have to go to task manager and end process tree.
I like Firefox apart from this small annoyance so to save my sanity any advice gratefully received.

  ronalddonald 12:34 10 Mar 10

ccleaner from click here and run that

  Pine Man 13:03 10 Mar 10

Do you have the latest version and have you tried re-installing it?

  morddwyd 10:35 11 Mar 10

Latest version seems a bit flaky.

I have had an update, and every time I boot up I get a message saying the update cannot be installed until I close Firefox!

  ronalddonald 12:17 11 Mar 10

downloading from click here and reinstall it and try again. also try the latest version ccleaner from that same website

  ronalddonald 12:18 11 Mar 10

i meant try downloading firefox and ccleaner from file hippo

  birdface 13:43 11 Mar 10

Like morddwyd say's Latest version seems a bit flaky.
It kept freezing on me so downloaded Revo Uninstaller this morning and removed it.

  john 52 21:15 14 Mar 10

I had a similar problem and what seemed to cure it was going into firefox profile manager and create a new profile and use that and it seemed to sort it out .

If you do a search on firefox profiles it may help !! a more experienced member may be able to confirm if this is the route to take or I may just have been lucky ??
Also have you added any add ons lately if so disable them and see if it makes any difference

  tony2k1 15:37 22 Apr 10

firefox latest version is not
i've tried, but just closed to all browsers, I think ver 3.0 is better than 3.6

  johndrew 10:17 24 Apr 10

Firefox 3.6 has 'improvements' which stop some Add-ons (such as IE View) working. I reverted to 3.5.7 (I think the latest update for this version is 3.5.9) which supports Add-ons that I use and appears more stable.

I`m uncertain whether there are serious security issues which are addressed by 3.6 and not by 3.5 but hopefully sensible browsing and my security will cope as they have in the past.

  ronalddonald 16:48 24 Apr 10

if all esle has failed give linux a try firefox works a lot faster using a linux program like ubuntu and mint

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