A Firefox problem?

  Kate B 13:45 06 Apr 05

Ever since I started using Firefox I've had intermittent episodes where it says it's unable to connect to pages as if the connection is down. However, the connection is fine - I can connect using Safari on my Mac via my Netgear router. Any thoughts? A restart usually cures it.

  SEASHANTY 14:18 06 Apr 05

Never had any trouble with Firefox - and this fourth install now with version 1.0.2. But then again I am using PC (not Mac) with a Linksys wired router. Perhaps its down to your firewall.

  Stuartli 14:21 06 Apr 05

Sometimes if you open Firefox and go to a URL before the connection has been established it won't download the page.

I've found the only way to cure it is to close the browser and then reopen it when the connection is established (dialup in my case or at least until the next 14 days have passed when broadband should be made welcome!)

  Kate B 16:07 06 Apr 05

the firewall is fine - everything else connects with no problems, the Mac, the PC, Outlook on the PC, Entourage on the Mac, the PDA ... it's just when I use Firefox.

  Joe R 16:31 06 Apr 05

Kate B,

I too have had a few problems with firefox, similar to your own.

Usually it comes up with an " unable to make connection " or " connection timed out ", whereas I.E. is able to connect to the same sites immediately.

Another problem which I used to have was when the browser come up with the " done " message, while the page was blank. This one has not happened for a while though.

  Brian-336451 17:32 06 Apr 05

Yep, you're dead right, I get Timeout messages so have to copy the URL to IE6 which (in fairness to MS) logs in without a problem.

I thought it was just me - it IS irritating.

Is there any way to increase the Timeout period?

  Dorsai 18:26 06 Apr 05

I on the other hand get exactly the opposite.

I find IE to time out far too readily, while FF does it hardly ever, if at all.

I suppose it is down to different ISP, modems, Line quality ETC. What works best for some does not for others.

Life's rich tapestry....

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