Firefox - Privacy

  setanta23 09:29 17 May 07

I have made no changes to my Firefox browser but have noticed that the privacy button on my browser accessed through tools/options has a little red circle on it signifying that privacy is not working

any ideas on what has caused this and how do i revert to getting it back again to the way it was before

  RicScott 10:11 17 May 07

Reinstall Firefox is the short answer.(don't forget to save your bookmarks).
If you have noticed any updates happening to firefox over the past few days or if you had to install any plugins, try disabling the plugins.

  setanta23 11:23 17 May 07

just tried that - did not know how to save bookmarks but what the hell

when i reinstalled - strangely - all the bookmarks were still there and also the damm sign to say that the privacy thingy was still not working

create a new profile
type into run
firefox.exe -profilemanager
or copy n paste to run

  Stuartli 12:00 17 May 07

My Firefox Privacy button is exactly the same ( - I haven't noticed anything untoward and the configuration is as I set it some weeks ago.

  Technotiger 12:46 17 May 07

Hi, who says that the red-sign means privacy is not working? I assumed it was simply the Icon for the Privacy tab.

  Technotiger 12:49 17 May 07

I have had a look in FF's Help>Privacy settings, nothing there about Icon showing whether privacy is working or not. As I said, I think it is simply the Privacy icon.

I never thought to look
but to me that red circle looks like a no entry sign
(part of the icon)

ie private no entry,thats if you use the standard firefox theme
I use the noia extreme theme and its a different icon

  setanta23 18:30 17 May 07

I feel like a dickhead if as suggested the icon with the red circle does not mean that my privacy is not working

thank u all for ur time and advice

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