firefox page or link referrall problems

  alan in spain 14:50 20 Aug 06

Hi there all I am having probs with both IE and Firefox ( both latest editions ) both programmes have problems loading a link page or a referral page from websites. have done all the usual maintenance things of clearing cache, registry cleans,browser history but this problem just has me beaten.

Had a similar thing some years ago i think with bugbear? or a similar sounding virus

any help appreciated

keep smiling guys

  alan in spain 17:31 20 Aug 06

sorry to ask again but if anyone has any ideas it would save me from going mad today

  VoG II 17:36 20 Aug 06

Try this for IE


without the space after //

  octal 17:37 20 Aug 06

What exactly happens when you click on a link, you haven't said, does it open a new window and nothing happens?

  alan in spain 17:54 20 Aug 06

duh sorry i forgot to mention the symptoms

what happens is :- the page looks as if is going to load but all you get is a blank page and on firefox the ascending loader bar gets about halfway and then just hangs.

what is weird is that it does the same in internet explorer so surely that cant just be coincedence can it ?

  octal 18:38 20 Aug 06

Try copying and pasting VoG™'s link and give that a run, that program is for IE so I'm not sure if it will fix Firefox as well.

  skidzy 18:40 20 Aug 06

Think this is VoG™ s link if any help click here

Are you saying the hyperlinks will not load or is it any page will not load....Are you using the the pc in question to write on here ?

You said the same problem in IE and FF,if you have both set as your default browser...this will cause problems as the link will not know what one to use.

Reset IE to default browser click here

  skidzy 18:44 20 Aug 06

This may be quicker in IE

Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Reset web settings.

  octal 18:46 20 Aug 06

alan in spain can't open links, hence the reason VoG™ posted his link the way he did. That's the reason he is asking for help.

  skidzy 18:50 20 Aug 06

Doh !..... cheers Octal,teach me to read better first time round.Still a little jetlagged,well thats my excuse anyway.

  octal 18:53 20 Aug 06

That's OK, go anywhere nice?

Hope you don't mind I've reposted your link putting a space after the http:// and the www for alan in spain to remove.

http:// www

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