Firefox or Opera browsing with Tiscali

  ferrari 22:18 31 Mar 06


I installed both Firefox & Opera on a friend's PC but neither browser could connect to the internet, though Internet Explorer does. Can anyone please advice me on what I need to do for these to work?


  terryf 22:23 31 Mar 06

Do you have spyware doctor? If you are using windows firewall, you may have to allow firefox in that (sorry I don't use win firewall so can't be more specific)

  ferrari 22:40 31 Mar 06

Thanks, Windows firewall is enabled, I guess that would prevent the browsers from connecting. I use Zone alarm which prompts one for access, so I overlooked the firewall settings. I'll check that when I return the person's PC.

  Stuartli 23:23 31 Mar 06

I use Firefox and Tiscali is my ISP. Both live quite happily together, as did Opera when I tried it out towards the end of last year.

  Stuartli 23:23 31 Mar 06

That was with Windows Firewall disabled and ZoneAlarm enabled.

But Windows Firewall use shouldn't make any difference.

  remind 23:26 31 Mar 06

Windows firewall won't prevent browsers connecting - check if your friend is using some sort of proxy server or web filter in IE - settings for any particularly extensive all-in-one anti-virus/firewall programs may be relevant.

  ferrari 09:10 01 Apr 06

Thanks for the replies. IE is configured simply, no proxy servers etc. I was focussed on looking for a similar option in Opera & Firefox where I could select a connection to use, and totally overlooked the firewall. I'll disable that and try again when next I'm there.

  xphile 10:05 01 Apr 06

Why have Firefox & Opera? Seems a strange combination. Not criticising just wondering. There may be advantages that I don't know about. By no means an expert myself.

  Stuartli 13:40 01 Apr 06

You can have several browsers in use on your system - a benefit in one might be missing in another.

  ferrari 21:35 02 Apr 06

Even with windows firewall disabled, neither browser still could work, so I'm puzzled again. There is nothing to configure in either browser, and firefox during setup copied everything from IE. The reason I was trying another browser is because IE fails to load when my friend tries to log into his e-bay account. I'm really head scratching on this now.

  Stuartli 22:19 02 Apr 06

Have you exported IE's settings into Firefox and/or Opera?

In Firefox it's achieved through File>Import.

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