Firefox or Opera

  preston 00:20 27 Dec 06

I am always hearing about IE or Firefox and how they are always being compared to each other. Opera seems to be the poor relation. I have Opera it's ok. What i want to know is how it compares to the others.

  Internetwhizzkid 00:38 27 Dec 06

I would say firefox is better. This is because it is compatible with more websites than opera.
Also firefox is superfast and is flly customizeable with themes plugins and extensions. Opera however you are limited to the type of plugins and the amout of websites that are fully compatable with it.


  Belatucadrus 00:44 27 Dec 06

No real down side to either, they have different approaches in that Firefox is pretty bare bones in its basic form and you add whatever "add-ons" take your fancy, Opera comes as a more complete package. Try both use whatever rocks your boat.
You could also check out K-Meleon click here

  Input Overload 00:48 27 Dec 06

I prefer Opera over Firefox, it seems slicker in use, & it also has many themes & widgits. Try Firefox & see which You prefer.

  rdave13 01:09 27 Dec 06

Opera no doubt about it. Firefox is an extention of google! Try Firefox and uninstall Google toolbar (not disable) and see what you're left with.

  rdave13 01:20 27 Dec 06

To uninstall Google toolbar in Firefox ; click on the Google word icon bottom left of the lowest toolbar. In the dropdown menue click on help and then click on uninstall. Reboot and then use the browser again. This time there will be no spyware that can follow all your links but then you'll have a lousy browser.

  Belatucadrus 02:01 27 Dec 06

While Google have contributed mucho dinero to Mozilla, Firefox isn't an extension of Google and the usual Firefox download doesn't come with Google toolbar, so I'd be interested to know where you downloaded it from.
I've been using Firefox in its assorted iterations for years, have never had it with Google toolbar, or indeed seen the point of adding it. Though I do add it to IE6 as I've nothing against it. (Wouldn't touch Google desktop though, that I don't like.)
You say without Google "you'll have a lousy browser." Now while I can't agree, I'd be interested to know precisely what you have against it.
Fortunately it's a multiple choice topic and everybody is entitled to use whatever they chose.

  rdave13 21:07 27 Dec 06

This gets interesting. Can't remember which site I originally downloaded FF but GT was part of the installation. Ran ok with Google Toolbar until I decided to uninstall GT from within FF. The lower "loading" bar (for want of a better name) was then up about an inch so the viewing pane was smaller and there was a space below it. The bookmark tab showed all the bookmarked list but refused to work. I uninstalled FF, ran a reg cleaner and reinstalled. Again GT was there and the browser ran ok.Uninstalled GT again and the problems reappeared.
I've just uninstalled FF again and ran a reg cleaner but this time I ran the search facility. Took me two reboots to finally get rid of that version of FF.
I've now downloaded from click here and the browser works ok and no sign of Google toolbar either.Wish I could remember which site I originally downloaded from.
Anyway after all that I still prefer Opera..:)

  Belatucadrus 21:43 27 Dec 06

click here Looks like Google are hosting a version of Firefox with Google toolbar added as part of the Google Pack, how thoughtful (not). Presumably somebody else has linked to this adulterated version.

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