firefox or IE?

  mothercranky 12:17 28 May 07

An IT friend of ours has told us that there is no point having firefox as IE 7 now does the same type of thing and works with more programs. is this right? should we change back? I cant even remember why we used it in the first place!

  Kate B 12:18 28 May 07

Firefox every time. Neater, faster and zillions of extensions to choose from.

  TalYasis 12:32 28 May 07

Yes,I would say the same plus the fact Firefox don't sit on your shoulder!

  Jimmy14 12:41 28 May 07

Internet Explorer. Recently used Firefox on Vista but fed up with the hard drive activity it uses after I close it down. Need to wait for the next version to see if this issue is solved.

  Cymro. 12:41 28 May 07

I think most people on this forum will recommend FireFox over IE7 every time.

I have both installed but reverted back to IE6 due to problems with the newer IE7.

I don`t know if their really is all that difference or advantage to one over the other, just an matter of personal preference.

  Belatucadrus 12:47 28 May 07

Use whatever you like, Firefox, Opera, IE7, Netscape. It's all a matter of personal choice. I tried Firefox when it was still a Beta and have yet to find anything that improves on it. I don't like the IE7 interface, even after tweaking it with IE pro and find it slower than Firefox with problems on some sites. But that's me, other setups suit other users better.

ive firefox,opera and ie7 all installed,

firefox is faster by a country mile(when tweaked)

ie7 is quicker to launch but use
click here
and then firefox launch is instant
then this tweak
click here

  Probabilitydrive 13:11 28 May 07

Firefox all the way. It feels nippier, slimmer (although not quite waif), is lovable and hugable and you can wash it with low temperature..hmmm...laundryday today??

aaanyway, here is a summary and comparison click here

  mothercranky 13:39 28 May 07

oooh, will do a tad of tweaking and keep it foxy then! thanks all :o)

  sunny staines 13:44 28 May 07

tried both prefer ie7

  Guardianangel 15:40 28 May 07

for me.

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