Firefox Newbie

  provider 2 12:30 15 May 09

I`ve just downloaded Firefox after years of using the AOL browser and IE 6 & 7 (not been offered IE 8 yet as an automatic update).

click here

Frankly, I`m amazed at the difference. I should have done this long ago. The PC Advisor banner is no longer a jumble of different-coloured lines that run into one another, but I`m now seeing ads that used to be blocked by the AOL ad blocker.

I`ve had to install WOT again but there`s a mountain of other add-ons and "extensions" available as well. I think I`ll have to reset SpywareBlaster to cover this browser. Are there likely to be any problems with that or Spybot?

Any recommendations as to "must haves" and what to avoid greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 12:34 15 May 09

Sounds like you could do with click here

click here is nice.

There are loads more click here

  Stuartli 12:51 15 May 09

To speed up Firefox (without using about:config and making changes manually) try FineTune Firefox:

click here

You can switch between Firefox and the IE engine with IEView or IETab.

You can also download spelling checks; plug-ins for Windows Media Player, Picasa, Google Earth and dozens of others.

Firefox is hugely configurable and well worth a little time and effort to tailor it to your requirements.

  provider 2 12:53 15 May 09

I`ll have both of those, I think.

I`m a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities and wondering if there`s perhaps a temptation to overdo it, and what effect that would have on the speed of this browser, which is impressive at the moment, I have to say.

  provider 2 13:00 15 May 09

I`m happy to spend some time configuring Firefox, especially as it seems to work pretty well on default settings, which will give me time to see what`s what before applying any changes.

  Belatucadrus 13:38 15 May 09

Can you overdo it ? Yes but here are my favourites :-
Adblock Plus,
DrWeb Antivirus link checker

  provider 2 14:12 15 May 09

I`m having a look at those now.

I`ve already installed Adblock Plus from VoG`s link, as well as the pretty-coloured tabs ... I feel like a kid let loose in a sweetie shop!

Wondering if Avast will be happy with Dr Web anti-virus link checker?

  provider 2 14:27 15 May 09

I think I may be gone for some time ... the AOL browser was never anything like this: click here

  Belatucadrus 15:27 15 May 09

Avast doesn't have any problems with DrWeb link checker as it doesn't really install any AV software to your PC, what it does when used is get DrWeb servers to run an online check of the website you point it at, then submit a report.
Useful if you're ever asked to check out sites of a dubious nature.

  provider 2 16:35 15 May 09

Thank you.

I`ll install DR Web link checker as well and see how it goes.
I was caught out yesterday by a Piriform (Ccleaner forum) thread of all things, which suddenly produced a warning from Avast about "traces of" a trojan.

Nothing too serious since I had the option to abort the connection but a warning perhaps of how quickly and unexpectedly you can be wrong-footed.

  Stuartli 19:24 15 May 09

Avast! provides a verbal and visual warning of a Trojan threat and the means to eliminate it immediately using the panel which appears.

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