Firefox memory usage

  Ikarus 17:26 01 Feb 12

I run Win 7 Home premium with 8 GB RAM. When using Firefox after 45 minutes or so I get a popup from AVG which tells me that it has noted that Firefox is using a large amount of memory - 375MB at the last notification. This is with Firefox 10 and I had it with FF9 as well. AVG advises shutting FF down and restarting. After a period the same popup appears.

Has anyone any idea what is happening? This has only happened over the last few months and FF is very slow compared with Google Chrome.


  bremner 17:44 01 Feb 12

I am guessing you have multiple tabs open as each uses memory.

Close some and see if the usage drops.

  bluesbrother 21:57 01 Feb 12

This could be the culprit, plugin-container.exe Plugin Container for Firefox, it can use a lot of resources. When you get the AVG popup run Windows Task Manager, click the Processes tab it will show you CPU and memory usage.

  birdface 22:42 01 Feb 12


  robin_x 23:20 01 Feb 12

FF 10 and 12 Nightly Release discussions

I installed FF12.0a1 yesterday from the en-GB win32 zip.

No problems. Does seem quicker.

If you want to downgrade again, all old versions up to 10.0 at Filehippo Firefox Page

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