Firefox issue

  stlucia2 11:35 11 Feb 11

Recently I started getting a yellow ! triangle on my Firefox home screen, beneath the Google search bar, saying that it's no longer fully supported (or something like that) and I should get the update. So I did, and I'm now on version 3.6.13.

But I'm still getting messages on the Firefox home screen saying I should update. The message varies slightly, sometimes not having the yellow triange, but always says that I should update now.

When I go to Help > Check For Updates it tells me that no updates are found. What's going on, please?

  birdface 12:20 11 Feb 11

Not sure but have you tried your add-ons just in case it is one of those needing updated.

  stlucia2 19:49 11 Feb 11

I've checked my add-ons, and they all report "No Update Available".

This evening when I opened Google, the message was "Teach your old fox new tricks by upgrading to the latest Firefox today. It's free!".

  stlucia2 19:49 11 Feb 11

Edit: I meant to say, ... when I opened Firefox ...

  Nontek 20:01 11 Feb 11

I am also using FF version 3.6.13, checking for updates tells me that there are no updates at the moment.

  Nontek 20:02 11 Feb 11

I think you should run SAS and maybe MBAM too just in case ....

  ashdav 20:12 11 Feb 11

What version were you using before you updated?
If the notification was saying no longer supported then I'd guess it was 2.x.x.
You cannot update directly from version 2 to 3 there is an intermediate stage that has to be installed first.
It sounds like you've got both versions installed to me.
Recommend you uninstall all versions via Add/Remove programs (XP) or Programs And Features (Vista/Win7) then reinstall a fresh copy of 3.6.13.
For future reference the best way to update Firefox is to click on Help on the Menu Bar at the top of the screen and select Check for Updates.

  stlucia2 08:06 12 Feb 11

I didn't take note of what version I was on before I updated -- I simply clicked on the link that was in the message that said I should update.

I too thought I'd got two versions installed at one point, but when I checked the path that my desktop shortcut is pointing to, I could only find one instance of firefox.exe. And, it's version 3.6.13 that's loaded up this morning, so I think I'll leave well alone, and check the version from time to time to make sure it's the current one.

Nontek, what's "SAS"? I've run Spybot Search & Destroy and Malawarebytes' Anti-Malaware.

  badhair1963 08:21 12 Feb 11

SAS=Superantispyware -- click here

  stlucia2 11:12 12 Feb 11

I've been out of the house and my PC's been off since my session earlier this morning, but when I re-booted and went to Firefox just now, I've got the orange triangle ! with the message, " URGENT!
Your version of Firefox is no longer protected against online attacks.
Get the upgrade - it’s fast and free! "

Checked Help>About Mozilla Firefox and it's still showing as version 3.6.13.

Thanks, badhair, I'll check out SAS.

  961 11:41 12 Feb 11

Does this urgent notice provide a link that appears to be to Firefox but is in fact to somewhere nasty?

3.6.13 is the current version

Suggest you run a full virus scan and also read and consider this..

click here

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