Firefox – internet explorer different layout.

  ian-inhome 21:24 15 Nov 08

I prefer to use Firefox rather than I.E.
If I use Firefox to look at a weather / webcam page where friends are the top section is fine as is the bottom section but the centre section is so small it is unreadable.
click here
If I view the same page with internet explorer then the centre section fills the whole screen. How can I make Firefox do the same?

  tullie 21:43 15 Nov 08

If you want to enlarge it hold down CTRL,then + untill you get the size you want.

  lotvic 21:56 15 Nov 08

do you mean the centre section Imatges del Radar de Catalunya gifpic in brown with blue sea and black info bar at right?
If so in my Firefox it fills screen and is not tiny.

If it is the next bit with the rainfall and dials etc then yes that is too tiny to read unless I rightclick and choose Zoom In on it, but then it is too big for the frame and I lose the bottom bit.

Sorry, I don't know how to 'fix' it.

  lotvic 21:59 15 Nov 08

I tried that it only enlarges the text not the pics/gifs

  Technotiger 22:09 15 Nov 08

I just used Ctrl and ++++ and it enlarged it a lot!

Using Firefox 3.0.4

  ian-inhome 22:28 15 Nov 08

Thanks for the replies. I have tried using Control and +++ that enlarges only the text. The graphs and weather data stay small. I have just tried using Google chrome and on chrome the dials and graphs open up as a full page just as they do in i.e

  AL47 00:06 16 Nov 08

it works well with the ie plugin

  lotvic 00:18 16 Nov 08

so it does (now I've tried it - lol )

so that's the answer then, use the ie plugin for firefox.

  ian-inhome 17:22 16 Nov 08

Thank you AL47 That now works just as I want it to.
(or it will do when the camera is back on line)

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