Firefox error message

  fruityfj 16:10 16 Oct 05

I'm new to Firefox and HAD been pleased with it, especially as my IE was compromised by some bug and it6 and Task Manager are unusable.

Since updating to the latest build (1.07), when I try to connect to another site I often get this error message:
"Error establishing an encrypted connection to....." (name of website) .."Error code -8075".

I've left messages on Firefox Forum (no answer), done Google searches on every permutation of this message, looked in the Firefox list of error messages (not listed), tried downloading the new Beta version.

Anybody any ideas on what could be causing this?


  octal 17:25 16 Oct 05

That's an odd one, I've never seen that before.

Sometimes installing extensions corrupt your profile, so it could be that. try deleting you profile when you start Firefox it will ask you to create a new one, this shows the location of the of the profile folder click here

Before you work on or delete your profile make sure you back up your bookmarks because you will lose them otherwise.

  fruityfj 21:46 16 Oct 05

Thanks Octal. Did that but still get the error msge I'm afraid. I think it started after I upgraded to the 1.07 build. Do you know if there's anything in that setup which I could've inadvertently mis-set?
Or could it be something ro do with my Norton Security settings?

  dagwoood 23:13 16 Oct 05

A shot in the dark this one. Open Firefox and navigate to Tools > Options > Advanced. Have a look at the Security entries. Are the the SSL and TLS options all ticked? If not, tick them all and try to access the site.

HTH, dagwoood.

  octal 06:49 17 Oct 05

If dagwoood's suggestion doesn't work I wouldn't discount Norton, it is source of aggravation at times

click here

  fruityfj 09:17 17 Oct 05

Finally got there. Disabled Norton temporarily (don't like doing that!) downloaded Firefox again and reinstalled. Made sure all security options ticked.
Thanks octal and dagwood. Phew!

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