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  PatSue 13:36 18 Dec 04

If I download a file using firefox 1.0, and there is a space in the filename, it only reads the filename up to the space. This causes problems (such as no extension). Neither is the filename editable within the download manager.

Is there a fix or user-defined setting?
Is there a workaround?
Can firefox be persuaded to use a third party manager?

WinXP SP2, Norton Systemworks and firewall, Proxomitron.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:51 18 Dec 04

Never noticed that myself - mostly, I suppose, becasue I name files myself when downloading.

FireFox will use StarDownloader - no spyware / adware involved and free of charge.

Pricelessware - Internet
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  Belatucadrus 14:00 18 Dec 04

click here Leechget works with Firefox when you apply the Mozilla plug-in. Good downloader too.

  PatSue 14:53 18 Dec 04

I'll certainly try these. Diodorus, Firefox won't let me name files myself - that's where the problem is. I have to accept the shortened version because I can see no way to intercept and modify the filename. (IE used to let me do that.) P

  Diodorus Siculus 15:03 18 Dec 04

[quote] Firefox won't let me name files myself [/quote]

Why not? Have you set FF to let you determine where to save downloads? If so, when you determine the destination, you should also be able to determine the name of the saved file.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:04 18 Dec 04




ensure tick beside "ask me where to save every file"

and you will be able to name them.

  PatSue 15:20 18 Dec 04

Just tried another download and the file name is not user adjustable - it's just at the top of the box.

Have downloaded Leechget and installed it, also have installed the mozilla plug-in from the same site. Haven't yet got FF to recognise it's there!

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