Firefox disabled by RealPlayer?

  Jim S 07 Nov 11

I recently upgraded RealPlayer (Free Version)on my Windows XP system. Firefox now crashes on running. I tried downloading the latest version fo Firefox and installing it, but the problem persists. How can I get Firefox running again?

  Graphicool1 07 Nov 11

Go HERE follow the instructions

  Jim S 07 Nov 11

Thanks but this didn't solve the problem. The issue wasn't with RealPlayer as a PlugIn as such. It was simply that I got the notification from RealPlay that an upgrade was avaialble, downloaded and installed it, and since I did that Firefox crashes ever time it is run. I did follow the link given bu Graphicool1 and followed the instructions at: RealPlayer plugin is not recognized

But this made no difference.

  lotvic 07 Nov 11
  Jim S 08 Nov 11

Went to address suggested by Iotvic. Found out I could start Firefox in Safe Mode with Add Ons Disabled by holding down shift key while starting the program. Did this and set Firefox to start with no add ons. Worked! Can now keep adding add ons until one works. As one if for RealPlayer I suspect that is the culprit, so if all the other add ons are fine I'll leave it out. Thanks guys for advice.

  mikef. 09 Nov 11

Have you got the Nectar Toolbar as my Firefox kept crashing and I disabled everything like you and it was only one reinstalling this that Firefox crashed again, I have kept it off now and no problems again, so far


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