Firefox constantly crashing

  SillBill 21 Jan 13

Every time I attempt to minimise the current screen Firefox stops working. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled to no avail. Same thing happens with Nightly.

  SillBill 21 Jan 13

Update: If I use the scrollbar to scroll down the page Firefox will crash, but if I scroll down using the mouse wheel - it doesn't (crash that is).

  hiwatt 21 Jan 13

No problems here with the latest firefox.Try restarting with add ons disabled to see if that makes a difference?

  difarn 21 Jan 13

A friend recently had a problem with Firefox crashing when closing tabs - after disabling Norton Safe Search the problem was resolved. I know it is not the same scenario but there could be something in it.

  SillBill 21 Jan 13

I disabled all add ons but that didn't make any difference, so have downloaded and reinstalled again. Will see if that helps.

  SillBill 21 Jan 13

Well that was pretty futile, it still crashes.

  Woolwell 21 Jan 13
  SillBill 22 Jan 13

Seems like a good night's sleep has cured it!


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