Firefox Bookmarks 'Folder'

  dalek111 20:11 07 Oct 09


Does anyone know how to change the default location for new bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox from 'Unsorted Bookmarks' to 'Bookmarks Menu'?

I want to be able to add new bookmarks to my bookmark menu simply by clicking the little star by the address bar and not have to move them afterwords.

Any help appreciated,

Thanks for reading

  ashdav 23:53 07 Oct 09

Delete the unsorted bookmarks folder (by right clickling and delete).
From then on right click anywhere on the page you want to save and select bookmark this page (entry will be saved to the bottom of the bookmarks list)
or drag and drop the icon on the searchbar (very top of the browser) to the bookmarks list.

  ashdav 23:53 07 Oct 09

"clickling" ? meant clicking

  Stuartli 00:14 08 Oct 09

If you click on the star whilst blank you should get a panel up allowing you to select where you wish to store the bookmark.

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