Firefox Bookmarks

  daveac41 08:35 26 Nov 07

My version of Firefox has stopped displaying my Bookmarks - I have tried to import them from the appropriate place, but FF just ignores it.
I tried an earlier version of FF, but result is the same.
Any ideas, please?

  bretsky 08:49 26 Nov 07

This may help you click here

bretsky ;0)

  daveac41 12:10 26 Nov 07

Sorry, Bretsky, tried that but it doesn't want to know....
I tried a system restore but there was no difference..

  daveac41 13:55 26 Nov 07

I don't have a sidebar. History icon is greyed out.
When I left-click on the Bookmarks heading, it shows the Bookmarks folders as being empty. I've even tried importing them from the Doc & Set file, but it doesn't let me do that either.

  daveac41 20:26 27 Nov 07

I think this is unsolvable. Tried all the above - rooted out all old Firefox files,but new Firefox installs just won't recognise my original Bookmarks folder. It certainly exists - I've made sure of that!

  octal 20:38 27 Nov 07

Have you actually deleted the Firefox Profiles folder as Margj suggests, because that will delete all your Bookmarks and any add-ons, when you re-install Firefox it will then be a clean install then import the Bookmarks back that you should have backed up.

  daveac41 22:03 27 Nov 07

You're right Octal, I missed one file!. Problem now solved.
Many thanks to you, Marge7 & bretsky .

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