Firefox "search tools" missing from left of screen when searching

  grumpy-git 19:18 PM 21 Nov 12

When I used to do a google search, on the left of the page there would be options such as images, UK and a time option (24 hours, week month year) etc. But now it does not appear. A few options appear above the results, including a search tools option - when I click on it, it opens another line of options, such as "the web" and "any time", but how do I get those options to appear at the left of the screen again? (Firefox 17)

  Woolwell 20:13 PM 21 Nov 12

It is not just Firefox. As far as I am aware Google have changed the way that search results are displayed and there isn't way to change it back.

  Woolwell 20:15 PM 21 Nov 12
  grumpy-git 21:39 PM 21 Nov 12

Thanks for the quick response. Must admit, I don't like the new look - it seems to involve an extra "click" every time I narrow down my search.

Not only that, google seems to be very slow now. Maybe time for a change!

  Sea Urchin 21:50 PM 21 Nov 12

It would probably be worth your while to post a comment on Woolwell's link. Almost all those posted so far are hostile to the changes.


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