Firefox & Google

  vassos 23 Jul 11

During the last 48 hours I find I can't open Google Search on Firefox. Clicking on Firefox brings up my Google page fine and all other apps work well including all bookmarks. However, when I type in a subject for internet search in the central box and click search, nothing happens - zilch. I have struggled to find a way round this glitch but with no success. I guess at the end of the day I may find it is down to something I myself have inadvertently done but right not I'm stuck.

  northumbria61 23 Jul 11

Try this - right click on your computer icon choose manage click on services make sure microsoft net services are running if not click and select start

  northumbria61 23 Jul 11

Does your "Google Search" work in other browsers - ie: is it okay in Internet Explorer?

  vassos 23 Jul 11

northumbria61, it is fine in IE. Only with Firefox and seemed to happen very suddenly. By right clicking on computer I presume you mean the Firefox icon? If so I can't find a manage tab

  vassos 23 Jul 11

Fiddling about a bit more I now find I can open the search normally by clicking on Google Search under the bar. What I am unable to do is open that search by clicking the enter key which has always previously worked. Works this way with IE

  vassos 23 Jul 11

I've just had read on the Google web search forum and it would seem the problem is not only mine - many have it. I hope someone comes with a solution as it is a **y pest.

  northumbria61 23 Jul 11

Thanks for that and good to see you are "not alone".

I had a similar problem the other day with "SKY Go Desktop" - SKY Player just would not open from the Desktop Icon. I uninstalled/reinstalled twice without success only to find later in the day that it was a SKY problem affecting everybody - now rectified.


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