Firefox always on line - plus cookie problem

  badgermansix 22:42 07 Sep 05

WinXP HE SP2. BTBB (voyager250 modem)
My friend is using the Firefox browser (I use IE6)
It seems that as soon as he turns on his PC he is online without doing anything!
Me, I have to click the internet icon on my desktop.

I have the two little tv's plus the two green arrows in the system try.
He has niether!

The only way he gets offline is to turn the PC off? i.e. he cannot work offline as I can with IE6

He now finds that when he tries to log on to BT yahoo for email he is told that cookies must be activated. but all other sites open and if required ask him to accept their cookies or not.

Any suggestions please?

  Stuartli 22:52 07 Sep 05

I have Tiscali broadband. If I open Firefox or Thunderbird the connection is made immediately - it is, after all, an always on connection.

The only way to do it manually is using the Internet ADSL link, which is a panel which requires the Username and Password to be entered (if you have chosen not to "Remember" these details) on the same lines as the IE dialup box.

  Stuartli 22:54 07 Sep 05

Some websites do insist on cookies being given permission - there is usually a good reason and you will be unlikely to be able to access them otherwise for security purposes.

You should, of course, only grant permission for trusted websites.

  swapper 23:11 07 Sep 05

Stuartli, I'm confused :-(( not having Firefox myself yet.

How do you work offline with Firefox if you want to, I always believed that all the time you are online you are vunerable, so I stay offline until I "need" to go online.

Concerning the cookies, I seem to remember that within - Tools - options - Security(?) he has checked "accept all cookies" but the BTYahoo site will not let him open /send/read his mail because it cannot install a cookie on his PC, whilst other sites can install cookies.

Does that make sense the way I have written it? :-))

  swapper 06:56 08 Sep 05


  Daibus 09:42 08 Sep 05

I have BB and to go offline when using Firefox just go into File and tick Work offline - your BB will then be disconnected.

  octal 12:53 08 Sep 05

You might think you're off line but you're not. If you are using broadband connected all the time, you are just that, just 'cos IE or Firefox say's its off line your Network Interface Card is still connected and happily chatting away to the server even when the computer is switched on and doing nothing.

You can easily prove that by installing a network monitor and watch the traffic buzzing away in the background. The only way to stop it is to switch the computer off, switch the router off or pull the plug out of the NIC.

  interzone55 13:16 08 Sep 05

If you run a firewall (Windows own or Zone Alarm) you can happily stay online 24/7 without being vulnerable. I the whole beauty of ADSL is that you can have your PC connected to the Net permanently without having to connect & disconnect. Mail arrives almost as soon as it's sent etc.

BTW, don't wait any longer, get Firefox now and stop worrying about spyware, it's only a 4.7Mb download...

click here

When you've downloaded and installed it, select Tools / Extensions from the menu and install Tab Browser Preferences to enable tabbed windows to make surfing multiple sites easier and IE View to enable right-click loading of non-firefox comatible sites into IE 6.

  swapper 21:13 08 Sep 05

Thanks for all of this imput everyone,
but why does he not have the two little tv's in the task bar, or the two little arrows?

And why is it that when he tries to log on to BT yahoo for email he is told that cookies must be activated. but all other sites open and if required ask him to accept their cookies or not.


  VoG II 21:16 08 Sep 05

Control Panel, Network Connections. Right click the connection, select Properties. Tick 'Display icon in notification area when connected'.

  swapper 22:12 08 Sep 05

Thanks VoG™, I'll pass that on, have you got any ideas about the other bit concerning BTYahoo and cookies please?

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