Firefox 5 - v - 6

  Graphicool1 09:11 AM 18 Aug 11

Hi guys

I use FF5, my question is:

What has FF6 got that FF5 hasn't and is it worth updating for?

  birdface 09:37 AM 18 Aug 11

Not a lot.And Firefox6 does not recognise some add-ons Under Extentions.

Avast Webrep and Java7 for me.

So maybe wait till they get the problems ironed out.

  Graphicool1 10:00 AM 18 Aug 11

Thanx for that Butman, I don't use AVAST any more, now that I have 'Microsoft Security Essentials'. But I too do use Java.

  Woolwell 11:05 AM 18 Aug 11

The same problems exist with Firefox 6 as 5. Add-on Compatibility Reporter solved my add-on snags. I haven't upgraded to Java 7 yet. Java 6 is fine.

  Woolwell 11:07 AM 18 Aug 11

ps the Java site states that I have the recommended version 6 update 26

  Woolwell 11:09 AM 18 Aug 11

Java 7 is not for general release Java

  cocteau48 11:39 AM 18 Aug 11

Graphicool "What has FF6 got that FF5 hasn't"

see my 3:53PM posting on this thread :link text


According to MajorGeeks,who have been known to get it wrong in the past,there is an update No 27 for Jre6. link text

  Woolwell 12:25 PM 18 Aug 11

cocteau48 Thanks but I'll stick with what Java tells me is the latest update.

  Graphicool1 12:35 PM 18 Aug 11


This is how I like FF on my Desktop to look...CLICK HERE...the only addons I have are Java and Yahoo.

  Snrub 16:03 PM 18 Aug 11

Just updated to version 6 and lost some browser functionality so beware, very frustrating because its's not even a beta version. So stick with 5

  Snrub 16:05 PM 18 Aug 11

And the message is beware of updates!


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