Firefox 4

  hawthorn59 06:07 01 May 11

Any recent update on Firefox 4? i downloaded it but havent installed it yet. Is it trouble free? I read elsewhere where a few tabs open uses a lot of memory...?

If I DO decided to install it do I need to uninstall 3.6? I also have IE9 and Chrome...which is best...?



  octal 07:10 01 May 11

I have got the Linux version of 4 installed along side 3.6 and they work fine together. I mainly use 3.6 because some of the add-ons don't work in 4, that will probably change as 4 gets more popular. I can't help with the memory usage as I use Linux and not Windows.

  sunnystaines 08:31 01 May 11

latest version now 4.01

  cocteau48 08:49 01 May 11

You can install FF4 into its own separate folder and run it alongside FF3.6.

If you allow both versions to run off the same profile there may be some inconsistencies with add-ons and extensions but you can always create a separate profile for each version.

  robin_x 10:03 01 May 11

I may try Firefox myself later, keeping 3.6.16

Advice as follows or another page says try the FF 4.0 Portable beta.

howto install FF 4.0 and 3.6 together

Mozbackup is useful to keep your existing bookmarks and settings safe before tinkering.

Filehippo has a useful collection of FF versions in one place.

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