Kaacee 14:10 28 Apr 09

Hi, Anybody experiencing problems logging into Firefox, tried to open several times without success, IE opens no problem.

Windows XP

  DippyGirl 14:15 28 Apr 09

Yes last week. After starting it, FF could be seen in TaskManager but didnt open.
Would open OK in SafeMode
Disabled all add-ons - and then put them back a few at a time - yawn!!
My problem was McAfee Site Advisor - left disabled all was well

  birdface 14:15 28 Apr 09

No problems here.have you got keep me signed in on my profile ticked .

  brundle 14:22 28 Apr 09

The 3.0.10 update addresses stability problems with 3.0.9 so worth getting. click here

  Kaacee 14:26 28 Apr 09

Downloaded latest version yesterday, thought that might be the problem so did a restore to sunday thinking that would do the trick, but still not loading ????

Might have to consider uninstall and reinstall methinks

  brundle 14:31 28 Apr 09

Uninstall and reinstall is rarely effective if you don't clear out your profile; Firefox "standard diagnostic" ; click here

  Kaacee 15:20 28 Apr 09

Now got another problem, tried to uninstall with Revo and its saying Firefox has to be closed before it can proceed ????Its not open dooh

  Bob The Blob 15:25 28 Apr 09

Open task manager and shut down firefox from there. Then uninstall it and reinstall.

  Kaacee 15:57 28 Apr 09

Thanks Bob that did the trick

  Kaacee 16:06 28 Apr 09

Well, reinstalled firefox and still it will not open......can't think of anything else I can do, so it looks like goodbye Firefox hello Opera/Google etc.

  brundle 16:12 28 Apr 09

Did you choose "remove profile/personal data" during uninstall etc?

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