In FireFox 3.5...

  TonyV 19:56 08 Jul 09

How can I remove an item from a drop down list that comes up when I try to login to some where? My problem is I have tried to log in to a particular site and used the wrong first initial, and now every time I try to login to that site it always comes up in the drop down box. I really only need the correct login name to be available to me in that drop down box.

I have removed all the cookies for that particular site, but to no avail. What else can be done? Should I remove all cookies related to Mozilla and FireFox? Or What?



  Legolas 20:02 08 Jul 09

Have you tried clicking on tools/clear private data/and try some of the options their.

  Sea Urchin 20:07 08 Jul 09

Type the first letter until the drop down menu appears - use your cursor up/down arrows to highlight the item you wish to delete, and press Shift+Delete

  TonyV 20:12 08 Jul 09

Thanks for that. I have actually gone the whole hog and had a look in the FF Help pages and decided to delete All History. That did the trick!! In real terms it might have been better to have waited and used your method Sea Urchin, that way it wouldn't have been half as drastic!! Ne'er mind, eh!

All sorted now.



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