firefox 3 beta out

  sunny staines 09:05 20 Nov 07

rumour that still a few bugs not fixed, if you want to try download from click here

  Stuartli 09:17 20 Nov 07

Thanks, but I think I'll hang on for the full version..:-)

If it ain't broke....

  cocteau48 09:47 20 Nov 07

Good morning sunny staines.
I have just had a cautious look at this and it is quite safe to try if you wish as it installs into a new folder and does not overwrite your existing version. You can run the two side by side as you do with Firefox and OE.
However as it would seem,in beta form, to be incompatible with all the themes and add-ons which I currently use then I do not see me using it as yet.
It was very quick to install and I have tried an uninstall using CCleaner which affected a complete removal and left the existing version of Firefox untouched.

  anskyber 09:59 20 Nov 07

A cautionary note. click here

  sunny staines 18:33 20 Nov 07

the CNET report on the new beta
click here

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