Firefox 3 6 12

  Noggerules 17:43 07 Nov 10

Since upgrading to Firefox version 3.6.12 Web pages will not load properly.

Pages hang, don't load completely and/or are all jumbled up.
I have since dleted and gone back to a previous edition and now the same thing happens.

I am on Vista 64 bit desktop.

I would go back to Explorer only its Explore 9 64 Beta which I hate but can't get rid of.

I would prefer to stay with Firefox but its driving me crackers.

Hope someone can help out there

  Woolwell 18:22 07 Nov 10

You should be able to uninstall IE9 through the control panel.

  birdface 18:25 07 Nov 10
  rdave13 18:44 07 Nov 10

First, roll back IE via the guide given by Buteman through uninstalling the update. Make sure you have a working browser (IE8).
In programs and features uninstall Mozilla then reboot.
Reinstall; click here

  cocteau48 19:01 07 Nov 10

If your problem with Firefox is being caused by your profile being corrupted in some way then uninstalling and reinstalling FF will not help as this process does not touch your profile.

Before going through with that procedure just create a new profile on your existing installation to see if that cures things :click here

  Noggerules 12:27 08 Nov 10

Thanks to all who have helped.

Managed to get rid of Internet Explorer 9 Beta so that a result.

Still can't get Firefox to work.

Can't find Profile manager tried all the ways suggested but still cant find.

Found profiles in the Firfox folder and alaso in appsdata

Tryed deleting Firfox and all data, bookmarks and reloaded and still the same problem.

Going for lunch now, got headache

  cocteau48 12:47 08 Nov 10

If it is your profile which has become corrupted it is the profile,or profiles, in Appdata which require to be removed. (you will lose all your personal settings within Firefox).

The profile in Appdata is unaffected by the installation and removal of versions of Firefox but can still become corrupted by a hiccup in the installation or removal process.

  The Kestrel 13:19 08 Nov 10

Have you tried uninstalling Firefox using Revo-uninstaller (free version) from click here. It removes all firefox entries in the PCs registry as well as the normal uninstall that Windows carries out. It is certainly worth a try.

  Noggerules 14:42 08 Nov 10

Thanks again and we seem to be getting somewhere with only little or I think little snags.

If I click on Firefox it opens the Home page (4 tabs) but don't load up properly. If I then, on each tab highlight each address in the linkbar the pages then load up properly.

This appears to happen also in Explorer 8.

At least the pages in Firefox are not now jumbled up.

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