chrisjohn 22:16 13 Aug 06

just started using it today,noticed when i load a page it is transparent for 2 secs until it loads ,it happens a lot with this site.

  chrisjohn 22:17 13 Aug 06

just checked,it only does it on this site.

  octal 22:22 13 Aug 06

I get a similar thing happen on Opera. I think its the advertising scripts that are running, if I block them it all speeds up, but I tend to accept them because it brings in revenue for the site.

  chrisjohn 22:22 13 Aug 06

its hard to explain,when i refresh ect,whilst the page is loading,the text is faded,and all the background is blue,weird

  FelixTCat 22:25 13 Aug 06


If you watch the bar at the bottom of Firefox you will see that each page on this site calls for information from a lot of other websites before it opens. That's what causes the delay and the blank blue screen.



  octal 22:26 13 Aug 06

What, something like this you mean? click here its a screen shot of what I'm getting when I refresh, I stopped it part of the way through loading to take the screen shot.

  Stuartli 22:53 13 Aug 06

This subject has been aired in the forum a little while back.

To speed up Firefox, go to:

click here

and download Finetune Firefox.

Install it, close down all running Firefox windows/tabs and then follow the simple instructions (make sure you do a backup first using the Backup button).

Select your connection and computer speeds as appropriate and then hit the tuning button.

When you restart Firefox it should prove much faster.

In the past this used to be done manually by typing about:config in the address bar but this makes it very simple.

  Stuartli 22:54 13 Aug 06

>>this used to be done manually by typing about:config in the address bar>>

I mean, of course, that the alterations were done manually after opening about:config ...:-)

  chrisjohn 23:47 13 Aug 06

works a treat,thanks

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