mike1967 09:59 28 Jan 06

When I click on a link and a new window opens this new window is not full size, and I'm unable to resize the window, any ideas ?

  brigtoo 10:57 28 Jan 06

have the same problem. even when i open firefox to connect, that isnt full screen either. have tried everything i know (which isnt much), to no avail.

  octal 11:34 28 Jan 06

I'm not sure if this will work.

Try opening FF and then drag the corner of the FF window to full screen, then instead of closing it with the little X in the top right hand corner, try closing with File>Quit and re-open and see if that cures it.

  mike1967 11:40 28 Jan 06

I've tried that before but it doesnt work, but I have now cleared the problem. I had installed an extension called foxy tunes, but I've just uninstalled it and everything sorted.

  mike1967 11:40 28 Jan 06


  mike1967 11:42 28 Jan 06


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