Firefox 18.1 seems to install but won't start up

  MuDelta 17:32 21 Jan 13

Anyone had this problem? How to overcome it?

  MuDelta 17:38 21 Jan 13

Oops! that should be 18.01


  MuDelta 17:40 21 Jan 13

Oops! that should be 18.01


  SillBill 17:47 21 Jan 13

Maybe uninstall it and try another download, mine has been crashing constantly for the last hour or so.

  MuDelta 14:51 22 Jan 13

SillBill Made no difference still won't start. I found nothing wrong with 18.0 and have reverted to it. I will let it settle for a bit and try again in a few days (weeks?). thanks for your advice. I am not going to mark the question answered yet.


  MuDelta 16:18 22 Jan 13

STOP PRESS After trying to run 18.01 several times it suddenly started up and is now working normally. I don't believe I did anything different this time but the Gods must have smiled somewhere!!

None of this post is going to be much help to anyone!


  difarn 16:37 22 Jan 13

Just for information a friend had a problem with Firefox 18.1 crashing every time she closed a tab. The solution was to disable Norton safe search.

  SillBill 16:42 22 Jan 13

Mine was also crashing every time I minimized it, last night - today its working fine - think it had a good night's sleep, lol.

  MuDelta 11:36 28 Jan 13

Since the "solution" to the above post, I have had trouble with startup of my machine (W7). Often I am told there is a problem and windows will try to repair it - and does but I find firefox 18.0 installed instead of the 18.01 which I was running successfully before. Anyone else found this? I have decided to stay with 18.0 in the meantime.

  MuDelta 13:16 29 Jan 13

Jock1e No Norton. I am using MS Security Essentials which I have done for some time. I had another go with 18.01 today and it is still OK but what will happen when I S/D and restart? We shall see. I have just noticed that in the Firefox programme a number so folder names are almost identical e.g. "defaults" and "defaults(2)" "modules" & "modules(2)" etc. but others are not e.g. "greprefs(2)" and "chrome(2)" - no "greyprefs" or "chrome". The unmarked folders are the newest, all dated today, and those marked (2) are dated 1/12/12 (when I may have up dated but I can't be sure). Also, the folders have different contents; generally the newer folders contain many fewer files. Can this be of significance and can I safely delete the older folders or should I delete everything and start from scratch?

  MuDelta 13:18 29 Jan 13

P.S It s/d and restated OK!!


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