jon2 14:08 01 Jan 05

I was led to believe that Firefox would not be sutible for logging into my bank account, but since starting to use it I find that I can, would this be a problem risk wise, or better

  jagx400 14:13 01 Jan 05

I doubt if there is a risk with Firefox as it is a more secure browser, I use it for my banking and have had no problems, maybe some of the more learned people here can confirm this

  Belatucadrus 14:13 01 Jan 05

As most Ad/Spyware targets Internet Explorer, if your bank website runs properly under Firefox, it should be the safer option. Do check that the padlock icon closes at the appropriate moment though.

  Wuggy 23:32 01 Jan 05

Until recently the problem was that that many banking web sites were optimised for Internet Explorer and pages would not load properly in Mozilla Firefox. However most banking web sites now properly load Firefox without problem and on the basis that it is a much more secure browser than I.E. it is certainly considerably more secure to use Firefox. Personally I would only use I.E as a very last resort.

  QuizMan 23:37 01 Jan 05

I agree. I use Firefox for accessing online accounts with 2 different banks without problem - with the added benefit that it seems to be quicker.

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