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  maa970f 04 May 12

Hello all,

Due to the persistent pop up on my Firefox 3.6 I 'upgraded' to Firefox 12. I don't like it, particularly as I used to use the Google toolbar, which is not supported on Firefox 12. I am now considering Google Chrome but how secure is it, and is it particularly relevant as I have a comprehensive and current AVG protection system installed?


  buteman 04 May 12
  Woolwell 04 May 12

Google Chrome is just as secure as Firefox. However Chrome doesn't have toolbars and you cannot run Google Toolbar. IE 8 or 9 has Google toolbar. All of these options are more secure than Firefox 3. If you are concerned about security then you should forget Google Toolbar as there are no security updates for it and Google recommend that people should stop using it.

  maa970f 04 May 12

Hello Both,

thanks for the advice but it seems as if my terminology was wrong. What had happened and I have now corrected is that in the changeover to Firefox 12 my old Google homepage did not transfer with it. This has now restored the small bar which gave the various options such as images maps etc. The question remains as to how important is browser security if a good security programme is also functioning?

Thanks again,


  rdave13 04 May 12

Browser security is more important now than it has ever been in my humble opinion. You get bad scripts written to web pages, sometimes disguised as adverts, and the very bad ones can execute if you merely roll the mouse cursor over them. So updating your browser is as important as updating your security software.


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