Firefox 10 running slow

  playmofire 17:35 PM 07 Feb 12

Has anyone else noticed in the last day or so that Firefox 10 runs slow? On my Acer Aspire uusing Windows 7, this problem arose yesterday or the day before. The most recent add-on has been NoScript 2.2.9 and I've disabled that with no improvement. Presumably, then, the problem is with Firefox itself. Increasingly, new releases seem to have bugs in, which suggests poor testing.

  SB23 19:41 PM 07 Feb 12

I've just updated to the new version, and so far it seems fine. Infact Firefox is my safety net sometimes when all else refuse to connect.

  northumbria61 19:45 PM 07 Feb 12

As per SB23 - no problems with latest version. Try disabling all Add-Ons and then re-enabling one by one to see if that is the problem.

  iscanut2 19:51 PM 07 Feb 12

No probles here with V 10.

  playmofire 21:19 PM 08 Feb 12

Late last night, whatever was causing the problem cleared and things have been fine since, so maybe it was just a problem on my broadband or suchlike.

Many thanks all for your input.


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