Firefox 10 out Today

  buteman 31 Jan 12

Firefox10 for those that use firefox.

Also new updates for WinPatol + Malwarebytes.

  buteman 31 Jan 12

Not that sure about WinPatrol. Although it says update today I am sure that I have that version already.

MalwareBytes is from Input Overlord who posted it today in Consumerwatch.

  buteman 31 Jan 12

While on about Firefox can anyone tell me how to download programs normally when using Firefox.

All I get is the option to save the file as it is a Binary file.Box opens when the file is downloaded but it is always blank so can't run the new downloads from there.

Anyone explain how to open the download and run it without saving it to the computer.

And for those downloading Firefox 10, so far I have not noticed any difference from version 9.

  Pine Man 31 Jan 12

Have loaded it and it works fine BUT firefox doesn't recognise it as a genuine version?

  spuds 31 Jan 12

Strange really, Firefox normally informs me about latest downloads and update, but they haven't yet.

Checking on the internet, there appears to be a number of websites who have posted within the past 2/3 hours that Firefox 10 is now available for download.

  Pine Man 31 Jan 12

Just tried updating my laptop from Firefox browser and it went in straight away.

  Woolwell 31 Jan 12

Firefox updated to 10 through normal update process.

Downloads - I prefer to save the file as if anything goes wrong or I want to reinstall it then I have the file already downloaded. However on Tools - Options - General tab you can select where the downloads can be saved. Also Tools - Downloads (ctrl + J) will list the downloads and you should be able to double click on it and launch the program.

  buteman 31 Jan 12


Yes that box it is always clear it does not matter what I download.

I get the pop up in taskbar telling me that the file has been downloaded but the box is always clear and shows no downloads.

I then have to go to where they get downloaded to and run them from there.

I used to use I/E9 for downloads but removed that a few weeks ago.So stuck with Firefox at the moment.

I must have a box ticked or unticked somewhere but just cannot find out what or where..

  Woolwell 31 Jan 12

Suggest you have a look through this Firefox downloads

  buteman 31 Jan 12

Thanks Woolwell I will have a good look through it.

  buteman 31 Jan 12


Found the problem thanks to your click here.I just had to make sure Enable download history was ticked.Thanks.


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