Firefox 1.0

  fourjays 13:05 11 Nov 04

Having heard that there have been many new changes to Firefox, to make it more compatible with web pages, I decided to give it another go, considering last time I tried, it wouldn't load very much up properly. It even seems to load webpages quicker. So far, it seems quite a bit better, but I have a few queries.

Is there any extension/plugin, that will make it display coloured scrollbars on website with them enabled? I hate seeing the default one on my website. lol

Have a look at my website (click here - it now works properly when I view it in Firefox). The clock on the left is supposed to work. Is there any extension that will make that JS work or do I need to start modifying code?

I know these probably seem silly little things, but before I consider using Firefox as my main browser, I want to know that it will display everything as well as IE. Having developed my webpage with IE in mind, I also want to know if I have to make any code modifications, to make it work 100% with Firefox, as its usage is ever growing.


  iambeavis 13:20 11 Nov 04

Try here - click here

and here - click here={ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}

  fourjays 13:24 11 Nov 04

Second link didn't work, but for the first one, I assume the colourzilla is the thing that will make the scrollbar colours work?
And the html validator to check the JS code???

  iambeavis 13:30 11 Nov 04

I would assume so, but I know nothing about web deveopment so you can but try. Any extension that doesn't work can be un-installed with 2 clicks of the mouse.

The second link again - click here

  iambeavis 13:40 11 Nov 04

Your site works fine in my browser - it almost makes me wish I played the game.

  fourjays 13:52 11 Nov 04

Thanks. lol. It all seems to be working in Firefox 1.0 for me, with the exception of the coloured scrollbars and the JS clock. The scrollbars is apparently only a feature of IE, but hopefully someone will make an extension sometime for Firefox.

I must say that Firefox 1.0 is a definite improvement on the beta version I had. Ive now set it as my default, but have left IE on for those pages that cause a big problem. Ill see how I get on with it.

  iambeavis 13:58 11 Nov 04

Have you checked the JavaScript Console in Firefox, it might give you a clue as to what's going on, also there is an extension, jsLib Lite available here - click here

I don't know if it's what you want - have a look.

  fourjays 14:09 11 Nov 04

I did check the JS console. It said that the td wasn't opened or something. Ill check it and post it in the web design forum.

Ill give that jslib thing a try.

  iambeavis 14:10 11 Nov 04

If you click on the error in the console it will take you to it in the script.

  iambeavis 14:12 11 Nov 04

Good luck with the site, I hope you can sort it out - it looks good.

  fourjays 14:24 11 Nov 04

The jslib thing made no difference. I found the error, but with zero JS experience, I have no idea how to fix it. It may just be one of those scripts that won't work with anything except IE.

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