Fire wire or an usb connection

  Daiol 24 Nov 12

Hi.Hoping that santa will bring me a new external HDD for backup purposes.I'm using windows 7 home premium. Just thinking of my best option to get,Would it be the 1st option for a firewire or a 2nd option an USB connection for this new HDD. Is it possible,I have a firewire connection socket on the rear of my desktop. Any thoughts on that please. Many Thanks.

  northumbria61 24 Nov 12

This may help enter link description here (referring to USB 2.0 of course)

  northumbria61 24 Nov 12
  Bris 24 Nov 12

I believe Firewire was developed by Apple and used primarily for video. It was adopted by Microsoft as the easiest way of getting video from a camcorder into Windows as the earlier camcorders only had a firewire interface probably as, at the time, USB 1 was the only USB standard that was available and it was too slow for streaming video.

With the advent of USB2 and USB3 camcorders became increasingly fitted with a USB interface and firewire is gradually being phased out. I think you will struggle to find an external HDD with a firewire interface and would advise USB anyway in view of the fact that its becoming a universal standard at the expense of firewire.

  rdave13 24 Nov 12

How about fitting something like this to the front of your PC then getting something like this. All the bearded chap will then have to bring is a 2.5" Sata drive?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Nov 12

Forget firewire you won't see a drive with that sort of connection.

USB3 is fastest esata or USB2 common

for ease of use on an older PC USB2 is probably what you'll end up with, fast enough for back ups.

I leave my machine backing up and image overnight 200G tends to be a little slow over USB2 :0)

  Daiol 25 Nov 12

Many thanks all,Sorry for delay in replying.had my granddaughter for a sleepover. The info provided looks as it will have to be an USB connection. Have to find an ideal external HDD next. Most grateful for all the help from this forum. david.


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