Finished yet???

  muscic lover 14:55 09 Apr 06

Why is it that not many people use the green tick to signify the end of discussion here?

Maybe they are too busy fixing and refining their own system to say thanks??

just asking!

  muscic lover 15:11 09 Apr 06

^ end

  Legolas 15:12 09 Apr 06

Music Lover this issue has been raised many times in the past. There are probably a few reasons why threads are not ticked as complete, could be the problem has not been resolved or the postee has just forgotten or their system or internet connection has failed or as you say they just cant be bothered.

  Andsome 15:14 09 Apr 06

Or maybe they have died.

  dogbreath1 15:18 09 Apr 06

What sort of excuse is that?

  Andsome 08:28 10 Apr 06

A VERY good one if it happens to be true.

  $ix 09:27 10 Apr 06

lol, this isnt exactly a PC problem isit now?

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