Fingerprint reader

  MuDelta 27 Mar 12

I am thinking about buying one of these for home use as password master key. Any Advice? I am running XP

  rawprawn 27 Mar 12

I bought a fingerprint protected pen drive, and found it extremely difficult to get in. It had a password alternative, and I eventually just used that. There may be better ones available, but I was not impressed.

  MuDelta 27 Mar 12

Hi rawprawn

Was this recently or some time ago? The effluxion of time breeds improvement (sometimes!!).

  mehim 27 Mar 12

My Viao has fingerprint recognition, but it don't like my fingers. Back to passwords for me.

  mehim 27 Mar 12

My Viao has fingerprint recognition, but it don't like my fingers. Back to passwords for me.

  rawprawn 27 Mar 12

MuDelta, about 6 to 9 months ago, sometimes I had to try to get it to accept my prite 8 or 9 times before it would let me in. (Sounds a bit like bugle.)

  robin_x 27 Mar 12

If you fit special, custom items, when they go wrong you have to return to a specialist repair company. Like a modern car's security systems. A new set of keys will be £200-300 these days.

Or if you can just disconnect, reboot with a general purpose repair disc, then they aren't much cop in the first place.

Setting a BIOS password on laptops can be reasonably secure but it also makes life difficult if you are the genuine user.

Desktp BIOS passwords and Windows passwords are easily circumvented. And general apps with Password protection (Word, Excel, zip files, last I heard)

Encrypting part of your disc can be useful. Google Truecrypt and Axcrypt. But again, it's uncrackable if you forget the password.

Always backup critical files/systems so it doesn't matter if you are burgled or the house burns down.

  bjh 28 Mar 12

I have one on my work laptop (Lenovo), and it works pretty much 100%. It does grumble when I have hot, sweaty, puffy hands, like when I've been carrying said laptop about in the hot sun. It is fast to use, and more difficult to forget your fingers than a password.

I have been warned by others that the fingerprint reading isn't all that fussy on some machines, and that pretty much anyones finger will do. I haven't tried, but it may be the case that an accurate fingerprint reader often fails to work, while a read-anything reader will always work.

  MuDelta 30 Mar 12

Thanks all. I conclude the verdict to be not yet.



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