Finding a suitable TV Tuner

  Swainy 21:59 31 Jan 08

I am trying to purchase a TV tuner card for my desktop PC. It needs to firsly work in England and with Windows Vista Media Centre. I would like it to be able to have a freeview box connected in to it to receive the freeview channels on my PC monitor. I suppose I would like it to be able to record one station while I watch another and I would also like it to have an RCA connection (I belive thats the Red, yellow and white connections, correct?) so I can connect external devices. Would anyone be able to recommend one in particular or even a few if all these features are not available on one Tv tuner. Your help would be much appreciated as I can not find much help on the internet elsewhere! Thanks, Ben

  €dstowe 22:03 31 Jan 08

Have a look at the Hauppauge products:

click here

  100andthirty 22:32 31 Jan 08

this one?

click here

  Stuartli 00:16 01 Feb 08

You don't need to have a set top box connected to receive Freeview channels on your PC - just buy a Freeview PCI or USB TV card/stick and ensure that it is fed with a decent TV aerial signal.

The software will scan for and bring in all the TV and radio stations from your local transmitter and also, if you have suitable software, allow you to operate in PVR (Skybox+ type) mode.

I've had a Twinhan Freeview PCI card for two or three years now, but use it with ShowShifter and the Twinhan BDA drivers, as the Twinhan software is not all that clever.

It brings in all the TV and radio stations from Winter Hill with ease.

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