finding someones email address

  chrisjohn 19:39 22 Mar 07

how can i find someones email add,all i know is their full name.

  ArrGee 19:43 22 Mar 07

You can't. There are a number of investigatory routes you can take, such as googling the name and looking for a 'close match' result.

That could be in the form of profiling. Profiling would relate to aspects such as age, work, skills, location, etc.

But the main question to you is, why?

  MAJ 19:43 22 Mar 07

Try the links here

  MAJ 19:46 22 Mar 07

Sorry, mostly for yanks those ones.

  Graham. 19:55 22 Mar 07

If they are registered with .Net, for Windows Messenger for example, you can search for their name - Tools, Add a contact, Search for a contact.

  p;3 21:39 22 Mar 07

maybe the someone does not wish you to know their e mail address ; why do you wish TO know it?

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