Finding out about USB stick?

  spuds 10 Mar 13

Perhaps another one of those silly questions, but I have found a number of unmarked USB sticks.Some packets just have a barcode. No indications as to what they are, what they do, or whether they have programs loaded on them. They are all new.

Silly question: How do I find out what they are. Is it a simple case of trial and error, just plug-in, or something far better and cleverer than that?.

  Chronos the 2nd 10 Mar 13

Just bung them in and have a look would be my suggestion. I had a similar find a while ago,under orders was having a clear out of what she like to call junk. I prefer to call it you never know when it might come in handy stuff. anyway found a couple of USB drives and plugged them in to find I must have used them when I had XP, when networking PC's was not as easy as it is now. Must have used these to transfer programs ETC from PC to PC.

Ended up formatting them, might come in handy one day.LOL.

For my sins, I report on a number of major trade shows. Pretty much all exhibitors now give out their press packs on USB sticks. I now have a drawer full of them - perhaps 100 or more. Like Chronos, I believe they 'may come in useful some time'. Although possibly not 100+ of them... In answer to the question: as Chronos says, just bung 'em in and browse them with Windows Explorer. There is no easier way/short cut.

  spuds 10 Mar 13

Thanks guys, it looks like we all suffer from the same "may come in handy" complaint.

I think I received mine from a variety of ways, given free with something, bought because they were cheap, and possibly because they had that all important program that I forgot about.

It now looks like finding an hour or two experimenting in between 'resting'. No doubt I might be asking the same question in a year or two?.

Thanks again, will tick as resolved.


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