Finding a 'home' for an old computer!

  capnsofa 22:04 17 Oct 06

I have a 'Tiny' computer system, comprising a 17" monitor, tower, Lexmark printer and scanner.
It is about 6 years old, but still works well and has an O/S Windows 98.
I now have a lap top and wish to dispose of the old machine, but am loathe to take it to the local dump as I am sure it would be useful to, perhaps, someone new to computers.
I am happy to give it away, or accept a payment which I would send to a charity.
Have you any ideas of any organisation which might be interested in taking this equipment off my hands?

hi any charity shops will collect it for you, and sell it for good causes, ones taking my snooker table away, 1 less job for me and a good deed for the day!

  cowboy62 23:38 17 Oct 06

you could always sell it in ur local newspaper and sent the cash to your faviorte charity

  NoIdea21 23:56 17 Oct 06

Why not try click here

  NoIdea21 00:02 18 Oct 06

Sorry bad link
Should be click here

  Tugwilson 11:22 18 Oct 06

Shame you dont live here in Egypt.I can think of a hundred schools that would love it.

  TOPCAT® 18:59 18 Oct 06

Make sure there's no sensitive, personal data left on the hard drive before parting with the computer. TC.

  spuds 19:11 18 Oct 06

Due to laws on electrical goods, you may find that no charity shop will want the items. Try a postcard in your local supermarket or place nearby that have a notice board. Word of mouth with the neighbours or workplace perhaps!.

  bluto1 22:09 18 Oct 06

A few months ago there was a thread on this forum asking for `computer` help for a school for autistic kids. A good few answered but having visited the school I felt that they could use a tremendous lot of help. The address is:
Holbrook Centre for autism,
DE56 0TE.

Sorry I`ve not got the telephone number, but if you can find it get in touh and see if your old gear is of any use. I`m sure it will.

  mexicano 23:06 18 Oct 06

Try this website. I think it is absolutely fantastic.

click here

  egapup 08:33 19 Oct 06

Try ebay, i've sold loads of old computer stuff on there.

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