finding hidden files...any ideas?

  _clive_ 13:36 26 Mar 05

I've installed a second hard drive, deleted some progs from the original drive but one refuses to reinstall on the new drive...the installation CD tells me that it's already installed so won't install again.
I've run various cleaning programs and searched and deleted all files i can find related to that program but still it won't reinstall.
Anyone got any suggestions please?

  VoG II 13:38 26 Mar 05

You could try click here

  _clive_ 13:49 26 Mar 05

thanks...tried that one now but still the prog won't reinstall.
Any other suggestions?

  _clive_ 14:14 26 Mar 05

does anyone else have any suggestions?

  Wak 14:23 26 Mar 05

Which program are you trying to install??

  Wak 14:26 26 Mar 05

Have you tried removing the original drive, installing the second drive as Master and then installing it??

  _clive_ 14:40 26 Mar 05

the program is the software for my Canon camera. I haven't tried swapping the drives and don't really fancy the idea...would rather find a fix in the software if I can
I think the mistake i made was to delete the prog using 'add/remove' in XP rather than the uninstall that came with the software...i've tried using it since from the install CD but still no luck :(

  Wak 14:51 26 Mar 05

Are there any bits left in the MSCONFIG/ Start up file which load on boot-up??

  _clive_ 15:04 26 Mar 05

thanks for that too...just had a good there but nothing to do with Canon whatsoever...its really puzzling

  VoG II 15:06 26 Mar 05

It is probably something left in the registry.

Try RegscrubXP click here

  _clive_ 15:08 26 Mar 05

RegScrub was the first thing i tried...with no luck. Ive also ried CCleaner them both a few times until they both report nothing to fix

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