finding folders in vista

  Smokeyone 09:33 24 Oct 08

I wonder if someone could tell me the search code in vista for finding all folders please. Not the contents but just a list of all folders that I have created and now misplaced.
Tried *.* no luck & various others.
Any suggestions please

  Technotiger 09:37 24 Oct 08

I hope this helps ...

click here

  Technotiger 09:38 24 Oct 08

PS - click on 'Show all'

  Smokeyone 09:55 24 Oct 08

Almost, trying to find folders, any folders, without knowing the title.
Thanks again

  Woolwell 10:13 24 Oct 08

If you have an idea of the date when you created the folder then an advanced search is useful.

  Woolwell 10:16 24 Oct 08

However if you click on Start and then on your user name this will open explorer showing all of your main folders. On the left you can expand these folders to find sub folders.

  Smokeyone 11:23 24 Oct 08

I appreciate the help but my user name found
everything including folder contents - am I missing something !!

  Woolwell 11:33 24 Oct 08

OK - Try this - Start - All Programs - Accessories - Windows Explorer. Under Organize - Expand Layout and check that Navigation Pane is enabled. A list of the main folders will be on the left of the main screen and you can expand these to see the subfolders.

  Covergirl 12:49 24 Oct 08

. . . from a command prompt, Dir *. /s/a

This will recursively list all files and folders from wherever you start, so from C:\ it will list the entire system and from C:\Program Files it will list everything under there.

BUT . . . it will not list folders with a dot in the name eg MSXML 4.0.

Dir *.* /s/a will list EVERYTHING !!

If you want to list it to a text file, finish that command off with a space then > filelist.txt or any other file name you want to give it.

It ends up quite a messy listing but does the job.
It can also be used to find files of a certain type throughought your system, eg dir /a/s *.xls

Dir /? for more options

  Smokeyone 14:37 24 Oct 08

Success at last, thank you all for the help.

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