Lemur 19 Nov 12

I am used to recording to DVD., on my Sony DVD., recorder connected to my TV., where the finalising process is clearly mapped out. However, where and what do I look for on my computer. The few DVD recording facilities I have tried, either hide the finalisation button very carefully, or maybe it is called something else?? I just want to be able to play the resulting DVDs., on my TV., through my DVD., player. Without finalising the DVD., the only feedback I get is on the player display saying "no audio ...". Your help please.

  Taff™ 19 Nov 12

Which software are you using on the computer and which operating system is installed?

  lotvic 19 Nov 12

Yes, which software are you using? On most you set the options, including to finalise, before you start to burn.

  woodchip 19 Nov 12

Its one one of the page tabs before you start recording

  Lemur 20 Nov 12

Many thanks guys for your kind interest. I have tried again but saw no reference to finalising either at the beginning or the end of burning. I am assured in the HELP section that "Windows DVD Maker is a feature you can use to make DVDs that you can watch on a computer or on a TV using a regular DVD player. The quickest ! way to make a DVD is to add pictures and videos in Windows DVD Maker, and then burn your DVD.". My operating system is Windows 7. Regards.

  lotvic 21 Nov 12

As far as I can make out Windows DVD Maker automatically finalises every DVD (you can't choose)

  BRYNIT 21 Nov 12

"I just want to be able to play the resulting DVDs on my TV through my DVD player Without finalising the DVD"

I don't think your DVD player will be able to read a DVD disk created on your computer that has not been finalised.

If I remember correctly you had to finalise the DVD disk on the DVD player before you could play it on your computer. You also had to finalise the DVD disk on your computer before it could be played on a DVD player connected to your TV unless things have changed.

  lotvic 21 Nov 12

BRYNIT, I think you missed the full stop after DVD player.

The sentence is "Without finalising the DVD., the only feedback I get is on the player display saying "no audio ..."

Lemur, what other programs have you tried? I use free DVDFlick to make mine which then burns with Imgburn.


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