finding the accents - just a quickie

  mco 14:57 22 Feb 04

Hi Can someone remind me please (I'm typing on the computer now so I hope someone's out there) where on my computer (is it in accessories?) do I find that table of all the ALT + number codes for different foreign language accents? Thanks!

  Flaco 14:59 22 Feb 04

Not a response, I'm afraid. Just adding to my posts so that I can see the answer when it arrives.

  Diemmess 15:01 22 Feb 04

In windows98 try Accessories > System Tools > Character Map

  mco 15:11 22 Feb 04

hi - I just went on accessories - system tools and I haven't got anything then called'character map' - have I gone wrong?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:12 22 Feb 04

Maybe it is not installed.

Go to add/remove programs, windows tab, and see what is there; you may need your Windows CD.

That is if you are using win98.

Loads of sites for ALT codes on google. Here's one click here

  mco 15:16 22 Feb 04

thanks! I'll find which ones I want via the link and just write them down!

  Diemmess 15:20 22 Feb 04

Character map is not part of the default installation.

You can install it "easily" (from the CD) via Control Panel > Add/> Remove Programs > Windows Setup tab > System Tools,,,,,,,,,, and at last check the box opposite Character Map.

Just to be difficult, Windows will probably need a reboot before you can use it!

  Eric10 15:22 22 Feb 04

In WinXP it's under Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools.

If you are using MS Word you can get certain accented characters by holding CTRL and pressing a character such as ' ` : ^ followed by the letter you need. Experiment a litle and it will be revealed. Don't forget to hold SHIFT also for characters that need it.

Open Word and minimise it. Start highlighting the list from the second row from the bottom, keeping the left mouse button pressed, let it scroll to the top of the list. Right click on the list, select copy.

Now you can paste into Word, add the last row, and save.

  anchor 15:48 22 Feb 04

Thanks [email protected]@m for your link; just what I wanted.

Pasted in my favourites.

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