Find IP Addresses

  Rick7 19:40 10 Aug 06

It would be useful for me to be able to find an IP address from an email so that I can identify if it is a genuine enquiry or from someone with an unpleasant agenda.

I have heard that an IP address can be obtained by requesting a "read receipt" but it would be useful to know before I start entering into reciprical emails with the prospective client.

Does anyone know how I can do this.



  sean-278262 19:42 10 Aug 06

Im not sure what you think knowing the IP address of a person will help you to do. All the IP address tells you is where the email came from and even these can be masked.

  Jak_1 19:49 10 Aug 06

Even if you were to trace the ip addy this would not be helpful as most on adsl at least have dynamic addy's that change each time they connect to the net.
Doing an ip trace using something like smartwhois will normally only reveal the isp.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 10 Aug 06

The IP address will only tell you the name of the persons' server..tiscali, BT etc. It will tell you nothing else unless the IP is fixed and if someone was trying to be dodgy, a fixed IP is not the one of choice.


  sean-278262 19:52 10 Aug 06
  Rick7 20:34 10 Aug 06

The problem that I have is that I rent out my home in Florida but there are a number of people who try to con us.

The usual scenario is for there to be a email address but the email may have originated from e.g. Nigeria.

What I am trying to do is to identify these.

If anyone has any suggestions then I would be gratful.



  sean-278262 20:37 10 Aug 06

Get a spam filter. These usually can remove the unwanted rubbish. If you really want to solve the problem my advice would be to speak to an agent and get them to do the work for you renting the place out.

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