Find Address On Google Earth

  ponytail 08 Jul 11

When I enter a street name on google earth how do I find the house number.For example I entered the following. Third Avenue Broomall PA USA. The street comes up and I can move up and down it but it keeps saying 197 3rd Avenue.How do I find the house number I am looking for or is that not possible.

  lotvic 08 Jul 11

Have you tried Bing Maps as well?

Try entering Driving directions from a nearby road to (choose a random) house number on 3rd Avenue. Then repeat but for a different house number - say, 5, 3rd Ave and then 197, 3rd Ave and see if it takes you to different houses.

I just did 10, Langford Road, to 197, 3rd Ave on both google maps and Bing Maps.

Bing was the most accurate. (Google seems to think 10, Langford Road is on a major Highway...)

  lotvic 08 Jul 11

I've had another good idea, I just put the address into a google search and there are several houses for sale and one rent on 3rd Avenue and the Estate Agents have pictures and maps :) That might help you track it down.

  Nontek 08 Jul 11

When near your 'destination', switch to Street View, if the buildings are numbered you may then see just where you are or want to be.

  Woolwell 08 Jul 11

You cannot get all of the street numbers either on Google Earth or Maps.

In Maps if you select map instead of satellite view you get a street number at road junctions. This show where no 36 is.


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