Find Address On Google Earth

  ponytail 10:52 AM 08 Jul 11

When I enter a street name on google earth how do I find the house number.For example I entered the following. Third Avenue Broomall PA USA. The street comes up and I can move up and down it but it keeps saying 197 3rd Avenue.How do I find the house number I am looking for or is that not possible.

  lotvic 12:17 PM 08 Jul 11

Have you tried Bing Maps as well?

Try entering Driving directions from a nearby road to (choose a random) house number on 3rd Avenue. Then repeat but for a different house number - say, 5, 3rd Ave and then 197, 3rd Ave and see if it takes you to different houses.

I just did 10, Langford Road, to 197, 3rd Ave on both google maps and Bing Maps.

Bing was the most accurate. (Google seems to think 10, Langford Road is on a major Highway...)

  lotvic 12:26 PM 08 Jul 11

I've had another good idea, I just put the address into a google search and there are several houses for sale and one rent on 3rd Avenue and the Estate Agents have pictures and maps :) That might help you track it down.

  Nontek 12:54 PM 08 Jul 11

When near your 'destination', switch to Street View, if the buildings are numbered you may then see just where you are or want to be.

  Woolwell 13:01 PM 08 Jul 11

You cannot get all of the street numbers either on Google Earth or Maps.

In Maps if you select map instead of satellite view you get a street number at road junctions. This show where no 36 is.


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